About Terrell

North Brooklyn is where Terrell calls home.

Terrell grew up in Houston, Texas. He was initially drawn to the district by the lively arts scene and entertainment industries, but quickly grew attached to the community. To him, North Brooklyn represents the place where a person’s hopes, dreams, and desire to succeed really can come true.

Terrell graduated from Penn State in 2015 with a bachelor’s in Health Policy and Administration. His degree focuses were in public policy and public health. After undergrad, Terrell interned at Columbia’s School of Public Health and enrolled in a post-bacc program at Columbia’s School of General Studies. In 2017, he found himself looking for impactful roles in the community and transitioned away from academia to start a rewarding career in arts administration.

Terrell knows that because of his own lived experiences, he will always center compassion and advocacy in his role as your future City Council Member. He has firsthand experience with the effects of housing insecurity and financial shortages, difficulties as a first-generation college student, the devastation of gun violence, accepting his sexual orientation, and the stress of racism at school and at work. Terrell's campaign is people-powered. He has pledged to not accept corporate money. His grassroots campaign is built by friends, family, and neighbors.


Terrell is running to be your next City Council Member because he wants to amplify the voices of everyday people, like himself.

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